Configuration:platform = riscv_gap

GreenWaves GAP8 IoT application processor enables the cost-effective development, deployment and autonomous operation of intelligent sensing devices that capture, analyze, classify and act on the fusion of rich data sources such as images, sounds or vibrations.

For more detailed information please visit vendor site.



See “Drivers” section for FTDI Chip debug probe.


You need GAP8 AutoTiler library, please request it via support@greenwaves-technologies.com

Put a library somewhere on a disk and add this folder to library path using build_flags in “platformio.ini” (Project Configuration File). For example,

platform = riscv_gap
board = gapuino
framework = ...
build_flags = -L/path/to/libtile/folder

Running modes

GAPuino supports 2 main modes:

  1. Running from RAM, boot_mode=jtag
  2. Running from HyperFlash, boot_mode=jtag_hyper

A running process can be controlled through the internal upload commands:

  • load, @TODO
  • reqloop, @TODO
  • ioloop, @TODO
  • start, @TODO
  • wait, @TODO

You can configure “boot mode” and list of upload commands using “platformio.ini” (Project Configuration File). Default values are:

  • board_upload.boot_mode = jtag
  • board_upload.commands = load reqloop ioloop start wait

Run from RAM

This is a default behavior when you run “Upload” task in PlatformIO IDE or use PlatformIO Core (CLI) and pio run --target command with upload target.

Run from RAM (without any bridge interaction)

Flash and run from Flash

Run from Flash


You have to perform Uploading files to HyperFlash before.

Run from Flash (without any bridge interaction)


You have to perform Uploading files to HyperFlash before.

Uploading files to HyperFlash

  1. Create new project using PlatformIO IDE or initialize project using PlatformIO Core (CLI) and pio project init (if you have not initialized it yet)
  2. Create data folder (it should be on the same level as src folder) and put files here. Also, you can specify own location for data_dir
  3. Run “Upload File System image” task in PlatformIO IDE or use PlatformIO Core (CLI) and pio run --target command with uploadfs target.



Debugging - “1-click” solution for debugging with a zero configuration.

Tools & Debug Probes

Supported debugging tools are listed in “Debug” column. For more detailed information, please scroll table by horizontal. You can switch between debugging Tools & Debug Probes using debug_tool option in “platformio.ini” (Project Configuration File).


You will need to install debug tool drivers depending on your system. Please click on compatible debug tool below for the further instructions.

On-Board Debug Tools

Boards listed below have on-board debug probe and ARE READY for debugging! You do not need to use/buy external debug probe.

Name MCU Frequency Flash RAM
GAPuino GAP8 GAP8 250MHz 64MB 8MB

Stable and upstream versions

You can switch between stable releases of RISC-V GAP development platform and the latest upstream version using platform option in “platformio.ini” (Project Configuration File) as described below.


; Latest stable version
platform = riscv_gap
board = ...

; Custom stable version
platform = riscv_gap@x.y.z
board = ...


platform = https://github.com/platformio/platform-riscv_gap.git
board = ...


Name Description
framework-gap_sdk SDK for Greenwaves Technologies’ GAP8 IoT Application Processor
tool-pulp_tools Top project for building PULP development tools
toolchain-riscv-pulp GNU toolchain for RISC-V (PULP platform)


Linux Users:

Windows Users:

Please check that you have a correctly installed USB driver from board manufacturer


Name Description
Mbed Arm Mbed OS is an open source embedded operating system designed specifically for the ‘things’ in the Internet of Things. It includes all the features you need to develop a connected product based on an Arm Cortex-M microcontroller, including security, connectivity, an RTOS and drivers for sensors and I/O devices
PULP OS PULP is a silicon-proven Parallel Ultra Low Power platform targeting high energy efficiencies. The platform is organized in clusters of RISC-V cores that share a tightly-coupled data memory



GreenWaves Technologies

Name Debug MCU Frequency Flash RAM
GAPuino GAP8 On-board GAP8 250MHz 64MB 8MB