PLEASE DO NOT EDIT FILES IN THIS FOLDER. PlatformIO will overwrite your changes on the next build. THIS IS A CACHE DIRECTORY.

Type: DirPath | Multiple: No | Default: “workspace_dir/build”

PlatformIO Build System uses this folder for project environments to store compiled object files, static libraries, firmwares and other cached information. It allows PlatformIO to build source code extremely fast!

You can delete this folder without any risk! If you modify “platformio.ini” (Project Configuration File), then PlatformIO will remove this folder automatically. It will be created on the next build operation.

This option can also be configured by the global environment variable PLATFORMIO_BUILD_DIR.


If you have any problems with building your project environments which are defined in “platformio.ini” (Project Configuration File), then TRY TO DELETE this folder. In this situation you will remove all cached files without any risk. Also, you can use “clean” target for pio run --target command.