Type: Package Specification | Multiple: No

Specify a development platform that provides integration of vendor-specific boards (development kits, MCUs), high-level frameworks, and SDKs. See Package Specifications for details.

PlatformIO Registry allows you to explore supported development platforms, boards, frameworks, and toolchains.

For the advanced platform configuration, please check the Development Platforms documentation.

Example of using a Espressif 32 development platform:

; allow backwards-compatible new functionality and bug-fixes
platform = espressif32@^6.1.0

platform = espressif32@~6.1.0

platform = espressif32@6.1.0

; not recommended as it does not ensure that
; - builds are repeatable
; - all developers who checkout the project wil build against the same platform version
platform = espressif32

platform =

platform =

platform =


We highly recommend pinning the platform to a version. See Version Requirements for details.