Qt Creator

The Qt Creator is an open source cross-platform integrated development environment. The editor includes such features as syntax highlighting for various languages, project manager, integrated version control systems, rapid code navigation tools and code autocompletion.

Refer to the Qt-creator Manual page for more detailed information.



Integration process consists of these steps:

  1. Open system Terminal and install PlatformIO Core (CLI)

  2. Create new folder for your project and change directory (cd) to it

  3. Generate a project using PlatformIO Core Project Generator (pio project init --ide)

  4. Import project in IDE.

Project Generator

The generator will create a [Qt Creator generic project](https://doc.qt.io/qtcreator/creator-project-generic.html).

Choose board ID using pio boards or Embedded Boards Explorer command and generate project via pio project init --ide command:

pio project init --ide qtcreator --board <ID>

# For example, generate project for Arduino UNO
pio project init --ide qtcreator --board uno


  1. Import project via File > Open File or Project and select platformio.creator from the folder where is located “platformio.ini” (Project Configuration File)

  2. Switch to Edit mode (left panel) and open source file from src directory (*.c, *.cpp, *.ino, etc.)

  3. Build project: Menu: Build > Build All.


The libraries which are added, installed or used in the project after generating process won’t be reflected in IDE. To fix it you need to reinitialize project using pio project init (repeat it).