pio home

Helper command for PlatformIO Home.


pio home


Launch PlatformIO Home Web-server.



Web-server HTTP port, default is 8008.


Web-server HTTP host, default is You can open PlatformIO Home for inbound connections using host


Do not automatically open PlatformIO Home in a system Web-browser.


Automatically shutdown server on timeout (in seconds) when no clients are connected. Default is 0 which means never auto shutdown.


A unique session identifier to keep PlatformIO Home isolated from other instances and protect from 3rd party access.


If a unique session ID is not specified (default mode), PlatformIO Home will be accessible by any user from your machine using if he knows --host and --port.


> pio home

 /\-_--\   PlatformIO Home
/  \_-__\
|[]| [] |

Open PlatformIO Home in your browser by this URL =>
PlatformIO Home has been started. Press Ctrl+C to shutdown.