Type: String | Multiple: Yes | Default: load

Specify a command which will be used to load program/firmware to a target device. Possible options:

  • load - default option

  • load [address] - load program at specified address, where “[address]” should be a valid number

  • preload - some embedded devices have locked Flash Memory (a few Freescale Kinetis and NXP LPC boards). In this case, firmware loading using debugging client is disabled. preload command instructs PlatformIO Core (CLI) to load program/firmware using development platform “upload” method (via bootloader, media disk, etc)

  • (empty value, debug_load_cmds =), disables program loading at all.

  • custom commands - pass any debugging client command (GDB, etc.)

Sometimes you need to run extra monitor commands (on debug server side) before program/firmware loading, such as flash unlocking or erasing. In this case we can combine service commands with loading and run them before. See example:

platform = ...
board = ...
debug_load_cmds =
  monitor flash erase_sector 0 0 11