Section [platformio]

The platformio section in the platformio.ini file is used for overriding the default configuration options for PlatformIO Core (CLI).


Relative path is allowed for directory option:

  • ~ will be expanded to user’s home directory

  • ../ or ..\ go up to one folder

There is a $PROJECT_HASH template variable. You can use it in a directory path. It will by replaced by a SHA1[0:10] hash of the full project path. This is very useful to declare a global storage for project workspaces. For example, /tmp/pio-workspaces/$PROJECT_HASH (Unix) or ${sysenv.TEMP}/pio-workspaces/$PROJECT_HASH (Windows). You can set a global workspace directory using the system environment variable PLATFORMIO_WORKSPACE_DIR.

See the available directory ***_dir options below.