Type: String | Multiple: No | Default: tbreak main

An initial breakpoint that makes your program stop whenever a certain point in the program is reached. Default value is set to tbreak main and means creating a temporary breakpoint at int main(...) function and automatically delete it after the first time a program stops there.


Please note that each debugging tool (adapter, probe) has limited number of hardware breakpoints.

If you need more Project Initial Breakpoints, please place them in debug_extra_cmds.


platform = ...
board = ...

; Examples 1: disable initial breakpoint
debug_init_break =

; Examples 2: temporary stop at ``void loop()`` function
debug_init_break = tbreak loop

; Examples 3: stop in main.cpp at line 13
debug_init_break = break main.cpp:13

; Examples 4: temporary stop at ``void Reset_Handler(void)``
debug_init_break = tbreak Reset_Handler