PlatformIO Remote Agent

Start PlatformIO Remote Agent on a host machine and work remotely with your devices WITHOUT extra software, services, SSH, VPN, tunneling or opening incoming network ports.

Remote Development supports wired and wireless devices. Wired devices should be connected physically to host machine where PlatformIO Remote Agent is started, where wireless devices should be visible for PlatformIO Remote Agent to provide network operations Over-The-Air (OTA).

pio remote agent list


pio remote agent list


List active PlatformIO Remote Agent s started using own PlatformIO Account or shared with you by other PlatformIO developers.


> pio remote agent list

ID: 98853d930......788d77375e7
Started: 2016-10-26 16:32:56

pio remote agent start


pio remote agent start [OPTIONS]


Start PlatformIO Remote Agent and work remotely with your devices from anywhere in the world. This command can be run as daemon or added to autostart list of your OS.


-n, --name

Agent name/alias. By default, machine’s hostname will be used. You can use this name later for pio remote device and pio remote run commands. Good names are home, office, lab or etc.

-s, --share

Share your agent/devices with other PlatformIO developers who have PlatformIO Account: friends, co-workers, team, etc.

The valid value for --share option is email address that was used for pio account register command.

-d, --working-dir

A working directory where PlatformIO Remote Agent stores projects data for incremental synchronization and embedded programs for PlatformIO Process Supervisor.