pio pkg publish


pio pkg publish [<source directory, tar.gz or zip>] [OPTIONS]


Publish a package to the PlatformIO Registry so that it can be installed by name. All files in the package directory are included if export field is not declared in a package manifest (for example, see export). The next items are automatically excluded.

Please check which files will be included in the final package using the pio pkg pack command.

Once a package is published with a given name and version, that specific name and version combination can never be used again, even if it is removed with the pio pkg unpublish command.

If no arguments are supplied, then PlatformIO packs the current package folder.

To list published packages, please use the pio access list command.



PlatformIO Account username (can be organization username). The default is set to a username of the authorized PlatformIO Account.


Set a custom package type. See supported Package Types.


Custom release date and time in the next format (UTC): 2014-06-13 17:08:52

The permission to set custom release dates and times is only available in the Enterprises plan.


Restrict access to a package (will not be available publicly). The default is to publish a package publicly.

Please check PlatformIO Registry Plans where private packages are allowed.


Do not notify by email when a package is processed. The default behavior is to notify.


Do not show an interactive prompt.

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