Renode is a development framework which accelerates IoT and embedded systems development by letting you simulate physical hardware systems - including both the CPU, peripherals, sensors, environment and wired or wireless medium between nodes. For more information, see Renode’s official website.


Integration of the Renode requires adding the platformio/tool-renode package to the platform_packages option in your “platformio.ini” (Project Configuration File), and overriding the test_testing_command.

See the example of platformio.ini for the HiFive1 Rev B board from SiFive:

platform = sifive
framework = zephyr
board = hifive1-revb

platform_packages =
test_testing_command =
    -e include @scripts/single-node/sifive_fe310.resc
    -e showAnalyzer uart1
    -e sysbus LoadELF @${platformio.build_dir}/${this.__env__}/firmware.elf
    -e start


Renode does not require a firmware uploading stage. Please use the pio test --without-uploading command option.

> pio test --without-uploading

Verbose mode can be enabled via `-v, --verbose` option
Collected 1 tests

Processing test_dummy in hifive1-revb environment
14:56:26.9860 [INFO] Loaded monitor commands from: ~/.platformio/packages/tool-renode/scripts/
14:56:27.0093 [INFO] Monitor available in telnet mode on port 1234
14:56:27.0433 [INFO] Including script: ~/.platformio/packages/tool-renode/scripts/single-node/sifive_fe310.resc
14:56:27.0572 [INFO] System bus created.
14:56:27.8744 [INFO] sysbus: Loaded SVD: /tmp/renode-60394/61f3c8f5-c4df-4dc2-b892-2f96defd7e06.tmp. Name: FE310. Description: E31 CPU Coreplex, high-performance, 32-bit RV32IMAC core
14:56:27.9010 [INFO] sysbus: Loading segment of 20520 bytes length at 0x20400000.
14:56:27.9148 [INFO] sysbus: Loading segment of 324 bytes length at 0x20405028.
14:56:27.9149 [INFO] sysbus: Loading segment of 7944 bytes length at 0x80000148.
14:56:27.9380 [INFO] cpu: Setting PC value to 0x20401BC4.
14:56:28.0913 [INFO] sysbus: Loading segment of 32 bytes length at 0x20010000.
14:56:28.0914 [INFO] sysbus: Loading segment of 19132 bytes length at 0x20010020.
14:56:28.0914 [INFO] sysbus: Loading segment of 32 bytes length at 0x20014ADC.
14:56:28.0915 [INFO] sysbus: Loading segment of 4288 bytes length at 0x80000000.
14:56:28.0954 [INFO] cpu: Setting PC value to 0x20010000.
14:56:28.1041 [INFO] SiFive-FE310: Machine started.
14:56:28.1662 [INFO] uart0: [+0.28s host +0s virt 0s virt from start] *** Booting Zephyr OS build zephyr-v20701  ***
14:56:28.1695 [INFO] uart0: [+3.38ms host +0s virt 0s virt from start]   test/test_dummy/main.c:13: dummy_test        [PASSED]
--------------------- hifive1-revb:test_dummy [PASSED] Took 9.98 seconds ---------------------

================================================== SUMMARY ==================================================
Environment    Test        Status    Duration
-------------  ----------  --------  ------------
hifive1-revb   test_dummy  PASSED    00:00:09.976
================================= 1 test cases: 1 succeeded in 00:00:09.976 =================================