Library Manager

PlatformIO Library Manager is a tool for managing libraries of PlatformIO Registry and VCS repositories (Git, Hg, SVN). It makes it exceedingly simple to find, install and keep libraries up-to-date. PlatformIO Library Manager supports Semantic Versioning and its rules.

There 2 options how to find library:

PlatformIO Library Manager allows to manage different library storages using platformio lib --global or platformio lib --storage-dir options.

Project dependencies

PlatformIO Library Manager allows to specify project dependencies (lib_deps) that will be installed automatically per project before environment processing. You do not need to install libraries manually. The only one simple step is to define dependencies in Project Configuration File platformio.ini. You can use library ID, Name or even repository URL. For example,

platform = ...
framework = ...
board = ...
lib_deps =

Please follow to platformio lib install for detailed documentation about possible values.