PIO Remote™ CLI

PIO Remote™ allows you to work remotely with devices from Anywhere In The World. No matter where are you now! Run a small and cross-platform PIO Remote™ Agent on a remote machine and you are able to list active devices (wireless + wired), to upload firmware (program), to process remote unit tests, or to start remote debugging session via Remote Serial Port Monitor.

Using PIO Remote™ you can share your devices with friends or team. In combination with Cloud IDE, you can create awesome things at any time when inspiration comes to you.

You should have PIO Account to work with PIO Remote™. A registration is FREE.

For detailed information please follow to PIO Remote™ page.

To print all available commands and options use:

pio remote --help
platformio remote --help
platformio remote COMMAND --help

# run command on the specified PIO Remote Agents
platformio remote --agent NAME_1 --agent NAME_N COMMAND